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Newest Items.

Observations 12/12/2010 Giving up Fishing?

Observations 19 Nov 2010... not radio, or even satellites, but...

Observations  06/11/2010. FT-102  Replacing RL-02

Crap Aerials don't really work.

Observations 22/10/2010 An  easy 'restricted space' field or home aerial for HF.

Observations 20/10/2010 Fishing-Pole to Fishing-Pole QSO

Observations 18/10/2010 Horrendous 30M Band Interference.

Observations_14/10/2010. POSTCOM and OFCOM 'to marry'.

GM1SXX Some recent QSL's.

Observations_2010_09_22  Nit-Picking by the RCE/RCF.

Elderslie ARS Opening + William Wallace Day photos

Observations_by_GM0UHC. More on Butternut Squash by Ian.

Recipes_from_Scotland......Squash Soup for Idiots

Observations_from_Scotland 25/08/2010

Observations From Norway 23 08 2010

'Weegiesat' to beat Funcube into space?

Shack tour of blind ham (courtesy Youtube)

Observations_2010_06_13.      Bad design.

Mike DK3WN's excellent satellite pages. (English)

Observations From China

Observations from Italy 2010_04_26 

Observations From Norway 'DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS' 250420102024Z

Ideas from M1HOG. 2010_04_18

Observations From Scotland  2010-03-30

Observations_from_Scotland 2010_03_28 Changes afoot at the Edlerslie ARS.

Observations from Norway 01/02/2010 Satellite Portable Control Circuit.

Observations_From Norway 10-10-2010 Simple rotator Controller

iy-2 (RS-xGB3CSB 23Cms Beacon.    OBSERVATIONS FROM SCOTLAND 2009/12/15



Yubileyniy-2 (RS-??)
The launch is now planned for 28 December 2009.

Payload: Gonets D1 M2 - M4, Yubileyniy 2
Launcher: Rokot Briz KM
Launch Site: Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia

Mike DK3WN SatBlog link (includes XW-1 Information) from Mineo Wakita

Chinese satellite XW-1 Launched.

Reshetnev, Yubileiny and_DOKA-B (pdf doc)

New Satellite for launch  Observations_2009_12_14

Computers in the shack. Observations_2009_12_11

Observations from Norway _06_12_2009

An Interesting Comparison(2).  Observations_2009_11_18

Simon2E0HTS goes to Hogwarts

Hertz & Cycles per Second, more.  Observations_2009_11_17B

Hertz, and err, Cycles per Second.   Observations_2009_11_17A

An Interesting Comparison. Observations_2009_11_17

SATGEN, a Valuable Satellite resource. Observations_2009_11_16

The Satellite Zoo  OBSERVATIONS 2009_11_15

Feedback... of a sort!     Observations_2009_11_11

Feedback? Observations_2009_11_09.htmM

YABHR!  Observations_2009_10_20 Th

Amateur Exams and Pavlov's Dog. Observations_2009_10_14

2E0HTS, The Broomstick Yagi.

K5OE's Texas Potato Masher2 Satellite Antenna for LEO's


A Simple Trapped Inverted L Aerial.   Observations_2009_09_29

Observations_2009_09_28. Trapped!

Observations_2009_09_24  Linear satellites (Beginner)

Observations_2009_09_24.  Yaesu's FT-60.

So, you think you've got problems?

OBSERVATIONS FROM SCOTLAND 2009/09/09 The 'bear' is on  the air!

Working AO51. plus a movie. (Beginner)



 Picoponder demo  at JARL, Tokyo.(Click on Link)

William PE1RAH giving a talk at the Tokyo ham fair.


General Interest.

2E0HTS Website. amateur satellite content.
How much power is enough? Part2
How much power is enough ? Part 1
Think you live in a free country?
Is YOUR ID safe with the UK Government? (Updated)
Radio Wymsey (Link)
Observations_21_08_2007  The MKARS80 80M QRP SSB Transceiver Kit
Observations 22_08_2007 Completing the MKARS80
Visit Flying Pigs International.
Observations_23_08_2007_MKARS80, the last word.
LE002Transponder Construction
M0WYM... Radio Wymsey (link)




Beginner's Guide to Amateur Satellites Cubesats
Control your station from a Mobile Phone A Better Cubesat ?
AMSAT-DL Phase3-E Satellite DELFI C3... a Triple Cubesat
AMSAT-UK A New Transponder family from the PE1RAH Stable
CELESTRAK Antenna Polarisation for Satellite Systems
PE1RAH Fast Mirror site Satellite Status Quick-Look (D Carr)
Observations by others Satellite Status (Amsat-NA)
Is a satellite signal really CP? (A Joint OBS) Useful Websites for Satellite Enthusiasts
The Thirteen Commandments Sound samples from Amateur Radio Satellites
SATGEN Archive GM4IHJ Current Status of Amateur Satellites
ARTOB Projects Satellite Tracking program websites
A07 Photo Album (broken link fixed)

AO7 Resource Page

It's all been said before. 

Amateur radio etiquette from Ray G4NSJ


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 Harry's Homebrew Pages. SM0VPO FT817, Yaesu's little wonder radio
M1HOG Nicolas Pike's website G3YCC Mirror Site
From The Dungeon Schematics/Manuals for Premium Receivers
The G4FGQ Aerial design software archive. MANUALS (Radios+HP test Gear)
Everything you ever needed to know about the Fox Tango FT200 The G4NSJ Radio Menu(link)
What Really Happened to Oscar 40? Toroid School (amusing)
JABDOG(For the keen constructor/QRP'er) The great British spectacles Rip-Off
The Salopian Web Electronics Pages
Radios Computers and Stuff by Hans Summers The Soldersmoke Podcasts
An Introduction to Radiowave Propagation  From Transmitter to Antenna (G3YNH)


The RACAL Pages.
Manuals and info for RACAL Equipment (PA8PDP) SXX's RA1172 Calls in sick!
RACAL MANUALS for  RA1792, TA1885, MA1720, TA1800, MA1723, RA1795 & MA4014B Now my RA117E also phones in sick!
G3YNH.. Racal and other interests. The 'quig' revisited.  BA Restoration tip.
Five minute 'Diversions'
The machine with a heart of fire,  by Aviatrix.
Amateur Radio. A Rich Man's Hobby? 
Herman meets the FCC The Paisley Thread Mills Museum
Second Life.. the SXX take on it Canned meat. (Suzy McHale drawing)
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STELLA, a DSP based Anti-Alligator system

Encyclopedia Astronautica
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GM3VLB  on Short Verticals UHF SATCOM
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Mr Speaky, the friendly German Shark! Sven's Space Blog (English)
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HamsatII  LINEAR Transponder developed (Page2)
YAUB  (yet another University bird)...  launched from SHAR on the PSLV


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